Friday, December 18, 2009

The Seasons of my Mind

My mind is like the weather , I say .
The mood changes moment by moment and day by day .
Sometimes it is like the summer sun's angry heat ,
Or heavy like the monsoon clouds after defeat .
Like the autum it often sheds it's leaves and change is bold .
In moments of lonliness it feels like the winter's cold.

But the summer can also be bright , happy and gay .
Fire of the summer's angry heat , do the monsoon clouds often douse .
Change is welcome feel I may .
The festive spirit and unity does winter arouse .

But how I long for that eternal spring ,
When the flowers of opportunity always bloom , and the birds of joy always sing .
With enthusiasm should I wake up each morn ,
A zest such that I feel new , I feel reborn .
That eternal spring , when no matter what the weather is outside ,
The flowers bloom and the birds sing inside .

Saturday, December 12, 2009


It is a mystery to me ,
It's purpose not known .
It unleashes a swirl of questions in me .
What is life ? Why was I born ?
Is it real or is it the clever trickey of a magician ?
Or is my life a dream or an illusion ?
Perhaps I am a character ,
Created by a writer .
Springing into life when I am awake, when the book is being read ,
Sleeping when it's closed . Life is a book it's oft said .
Perhaps life is a sea where all living beings are water ,
Pushing each other, guiding each other .
But whatever life may be
the only permanency is change , I see .
All through life tides change their course ,
Sometimes we guide it's direction , or we go along with the force .
After death are we forever gone ?
Maybe we still exist , seen and heard by none .
Many do answers seek .
I hope these answers will seek me .

Friday, December 11, 2009


In your heart , there is a void ,
Of joy and purpose your life is devoid .

You know there is a lot to do ,but you don't know where to start .
"There is a lot of good that you can be doing " , says your heart .

With unfortunate people this world is filled .
In helping them rise above their misfortune , can time be killed .

Nature is overflowing with secrets to be unearthed .
Of knowledge and learning there is no dearth .

Many skills have to be learnt in order to evolve .
In many arts , you can , your intelligence involve .

Why , when there is a wealth of good things to be done ,
Is it that you find , a suitable task none ?

Why don't you find something , which you are passionate about ?
Why does frustation of being idle remain stout ?

When will you get that dream .
That goal , because of which , you'll push all your seams .

The goal , that hobby or the curiosity that will fill you with passion .
When will the time come , when out of these , something great you'll fashion ?

You hope the end of this tunnel will soon appear .
You hope you see that light , and all your boredom will dissapear.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

My room

My room is a spectacle of confusion I have been told .
It's untidiness I feel has always been bold .
Clothes are lying on the bed , in a pell mell ,
My school bag ensured that in the morning my mother fell .
The study table is cluttered , with pens , pencils , erasers and textbooks .
and ironically you don't know , where for a pen you should look .
Most visible surfaces are coated with dust .
But no matter what , disorganisation is a must .
You may say why ?
And i'll tell you why .
Because in it's untidiness , I feel at home .
I don't want it to have the beauty of Rome .
My room is my temple , my safe haven .
only when it symbolises my mood , It feels like heaven .
On a gloomy day ,
I look at my sisters scirbbles and the gloom goes away .
When my anger is at it's height ,
all my belongings throw I might .
My room gives me the freedom to 'wear' my mood .
Over life , in my save haven often do i brood .
And once I am in , my life is good .

Friday, November 13, 2009

From a seed to a tree

A child is like a seed , I must say ,
who slowly sprouts into a sapling , and becomes a tree one day .
If this little tree has to sprout ,
it should be given heat , water and soil .
If it has to be a sturdy tree,
very hard must a gardener toil .

Never on this little sapling should you trample .
Ensure that it gets the light of education ample .
The manure of good values should be mixed in the soil ,
or else , all your efforts willl foil .
Give it all your love , sing it an occasional song .
Then will you see , in sometime , a sapling strong .

Give it the time to grow ,
and to protect it from evil take a vow .
But let it brave sometime , a storm or a shower of rain .
Or else how will the required strength it gain?

In the years to come as it grows old ,
on it's soil does it have a stonger hold .
Lesser and lesser would it nees your care ,
and suddenly ! One fine day in awe you'll stare .
That little , delicate sapling you planted long ago ,
had branched into a sturdy tree .
Giving it's protective shade to all , sharing it's gifts with humanity .

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Into the Greens of District Park

As I walk into the greens of District Park ,
all around me is tranquility stark .
On a branch of a tree , sweetly does sing a lark .
Small blossoms of daisies do the forest floor mark .

As I walk along that ribbon of a trail ,
toward a sea of green do I seem to sail .
All around me are trees , whose leaves are delicately green without a fail .
Occasionally may one see , a monkey's long tail .

Here and there do delicate , colourful flowers bloom .
Watching them fills me with happiness such that I forget all gloom .
Being in those rare places , where humans don't nature groom ,
makes me feel blissful , unlike the claustrophobic concrete room .

The air is so clean , fresh and pure .
The wish of wanting to live here , undisturbed is sure .
But alas ! Does the power of time ensure ,
and towards the park's manicured lawns does it lure .

To leave nature's bounty , hesitant be I may .
But those few moments among the wilderness , are my best I must say .
To regain my peace of mind do I go each day .
After that little period of solitude and bliss , to reality do i find my way .

Friday, October 23, 2009

The best circus I have ever seen

The best circus I have ever seen,
are the antics in the classroom , where the teacher is unseen .
In the teacher's absence , is the class truly a sight to behold .
Never fora second must a teacher ever relax , on the students her strict hold .
The monitors in an attempt to gain control , beside the door stand .
But not for a moment can they bring the ruckus infront of them at hand .
Many groups around desks do cluster .
It's difficult , in the midst of such crowd , to your way bluster .
Oft do you hear many a shout ,
and see a few people , without any intent , loitering about .
On top of his voice does a boy sing , " Hit me baby one more time !!!! "
One girl , infront of an eager audience does our SST teacher mime .
" Main Sabhki Jaanu " , does she say .
Also many small scuffles , see you may .
Even to your dreams of seeing discipline , should you say nay ,
because a million years away , is that ideal day .
The sentinels of the class , at the door stand guard ,
ready to cry out , if ever of a teacher , they'll see a shard .
But many of their warnings will they lightly take ,
because they know that the threats are fake .
Alas!!!!! A warn finnaly comes true ,
and the consequences fail to give the miscreant the blue .
As the monitors will rightly predict ,
a teacher comes and the state of the class will her anger elicit .
About the hooliganish behaviour will she yell ,
but never any guilt will she be able to sell .
For the rest of the period does she tell us , " Stand up with your arms in the air !!!!!!!! "
But for ingraining guilt , she doesn't have a flair .
All of a sudden , in the midst of lecturing rings the bell ,
But again over the class , hooliganism fell .
Then the same cycle begins again ,
and in quelling the disorder , no one , will any success gain .

Thursday, October 22, 2009

An unwelcome change

I don't know what's happening to me ,
in constant ennui , I seem to be .
Why is it that I'm constantly tired ,
and all my enthusiasm is completely fired ?
Sometimes I feel asthough I may just cry .
Why is this happening , oh why ?
To complete a task , to all extremes my mind I have to push .
Only at the last moment will I rush .
Sometimes I feel that I should be doing more ,
yet working is a complete bore .
This change in attitude I don't like .
To me as a negative change does it strike .
Now tell me , my dear readers , what should I do ?
Because a lot of value do I give you .

Friday, October 16, 2009

Diwali Wishes

As the night of Deepavali comes near and near ,
a very Happy Diwali do I wish you , my dear .
This of lights being a fest ,
I hope it lights up your life with joy and jest .
In plenty , I hope the sweets of happiness come .
May Laxmi bring prosperity home .
With hope and resilience may you be dressed ,
so that all life's problems are well addressed .
I hope those lives you'll also light ,
whose due to misfortune is in a .
May the diya also dipel ,
all darkness in life , which does happiness repel .
May the crackers burst , of a life good .
I conclude , wishing you a Happy Diwali , in a festive mood .

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time : The Ultimate Enemy

The ultimate enemy I feel is time .
The greatest tormentor does this power mime .
This power can't be seen by all ,
but it consumes all , no matter big or small .
As time slowly elapses ,
everything in this world slowly elapses .
This power is unseen ,
but by every single organism , felt it has been .
Against time we always fight .
On every being , has it always been tight .
Sometimes it is so elusive .
Often by passing quickly is it abusive .
But sometimes it is so slow ,
that all your endurance does it blow .
Fun always goes by fast .
Tough times , longer do last .
Time can people use ,
also in the form of abuse .
Often about tasks not done are we reminded .
Why is this slip so greatly minded ?
I wish there was a world with no worries ,
a world , where to breach deadlines there would be no hurries .
But if it is so , no progress will be made ,
out of laziness , to all improvements goodbye can we bade .
But then would the worls come to a sorry state ,
and forever would change , humanity's good fate .
Finally this fact do I have to absorb ,
Time is the ultimate controller , the crystal ball's orb .

Thursday, October 1, 2009

On festivals

The spirit of goodwill is manifest ,
the spirit of joy , the spirit of jest .
And in these moments , happiness is at it's best .
A break , from life's gruelling test .
Of memories with family a festival is a treasure chest .
Of sweets , rangolis and new dresses is a fest .
The decorations to invite god , do beautify your nest .
It is a symbol of victory over evil's eternal quest .

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Muse

In a sunny corner you sit , dappled by creativity's light .
All of a sudden do you get , a wonderful insight .
An urge to put down this thought does gnaw ,
infact this urge is chewing you raw .
This nugget of wisdom do you want to share .
About expressing your thought is all what you care .
But then suddenly do you realise - you are stuck .
You don't have many words it's struck .
This thought shouldn't get lost do you think .
Suddenly the words speak to your spirit , it happens in a blink .
Then a paper do you grab .
Now it's coloured by your thoughts , it was initially drab .
In those few moments the harshness of reality is at bay .
those are my happiest moments , I must say .

Monday, September 21, 2009

Burning the midnight oil

It's deep into the night .
The light of your room is the only one in sight .
Exhaustion is enveloping every cell ,
but in a state of determination do you dwell .
In an attempt to stay awake , your nose bridge do you pinch .
towards your target you know you gotta inch .
When your job , with painstaking effort is done ,
the euphoria felt can described in words none .
The next day ,
you don't care what your critics , about your project have to say .
The effort you know is what matters
but in the future you're determined to do better.

Satin Bower Bird

The topic of my poem is the satin bower bird .
i'm sure about it's strange mating habits you must've heard .
The male is a deep glossy blue ,
the female being of a creamy green hue .
The male is 7 - 10 cms in height
the female being just a little more slight .
Forests of Australia and New Guinea does it inhabit .
Most unusual are it's mating habits .
September and february are the months of courting ,
in the mild autum and starting of spring .
Unlike other birds the male doesn't sing ,
he instead builds a nest with attractive things .
Flowers , shells , leaves , pegs and blue plastic do it's nest taint .
Sometimes , the walls with charcoal and fruity saliva does he paint .
After the decorating is over ,
he'll stand infront of the bower .
Then if an interested female comes around
he'll prance about and make funny sounds .
If she's impressed and his fate is good ,
inside the bower , mate they would .
Then she'll fly away .
With her eggs , on the branch of some tree she'll stay .
Then for a month she'll warm her eggs
and hatch out her offsprings ,
which after a few days from her nest'll spring .
Then after a few months the cycle will begin again ,
and the female would more offsprings gain.

" When they don't mate , what do they do ? "
This question may be bugging you .
Often in groups do they flock
and the forests they dock .
In the edges of forests , along sea shores they may stay ,
and during winters , to woodlands , migrate they may .
Fruits , larve , spiders , lizards , seeds and insects make their meal delicious ,
and oh yeah , it's scientific name - Ptilonorhyncus Violaceus .

Saturday, September 5, 2009

An ode to teachers

On the occasion of teacher's day ,
I have something to say ,
For teaching me , a teacher I can't thank enough
because teaching a class of forty odd children is tough .
About punishments or scoldings I don't care ,
because their knowledge do they so earnestly share .
An entire generation of children do they empower .
Above all jobs does their tower .
Despite advances in technology , a teacher's guidance do we sill need ,
because we become wiser when their words of wisdom do we heed .
There's still more i have to say .
But if i do so , an epic , write I may .

Friday, August 28, 2009


A fire inside me seems to rage ,
and the sky suddenly looks like a cage .
In the confines of this small place i'm stuck ,
this truth had long ago struck .
" Why am I stuck here ?", I wonder .
When the entire world there is to explore down yonder .
So many rivers to cross ,
and interesting people to come across .
So many summits yet to reach ,
An infinity of things to learn and teach .
Many new lands to walk upon
and to learn mother natures curiosities , this realization has dawned
I want to spread my wings ,
and fly in the open sky my heart sings .
It doesn't matter if i fall ,
it's better than having nothing to live for at all .
Lots of opportunity lies infront of me .
A continuous journey i want my life to be .

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What would life be ,
without those simple pleasures or the fun ?
Of the world , what would we see ,
when those little pleasures we shun .
Each day would be a problem
an impossible summit of goals to reach .
Of unhappiness , our life would be an emblem .
the essentials of happiness would we breach .
Work would be done only because it has to be done ,
in it we'd find enjoyment none .
Where would the time be for inner reflection ?
or living a life and human connections ?
Inch towards sucess , but don't shun fun , I see
or life would't life be .

Monday, August 17, 2009

Memories of Tafs

" Change is the only constant of life . " The sages say . Kv - Kendriya Vidyalaya
But how on earth do i keep saddness at bay ? Tafs - The Air Force School
When the familiar world of tafs has melted away ,
And I sit in my dreary new kv classroom today .

The best memories were just simple pleasures ,
These small pleasures do I carefully treasure
Fun with jags was great in measure ,
Basketball was my games period leisure .

We'd often hum along ,
Atul sir's newest song ,
The list of distractions were long
And my popularity strong

I had an identity there , I would stand out ,
And my popularity among teachers and peers was stout .
For competitions I was often sent ,
Teachers thought - in teaching me their time was well spent .

I wish that those things would happen here ,
I can attain that only with hard work sheer .
To attaining that status I'm near ,
But by being here my heart still sheds a tear.

Monday, July 27, 2009

On crushes

It come to you like a wave crashing down the sea ,
as subtley as subtley can be .
But your senes day and night he'll trouble .
Around him you'll stutter and fumble .
It's difficult to keep him out of your mind .
And often having wild fantasies 'bout him , you yourself will find .
Towards you , you wish he'll bind .
Your thoughts on your inadequacies will become not so kind .
Often infront of the mirror you'll stand ,
wodering , ' Why on earth with such horrible looks did I land ? ' .
What's happening , you may or may not understand .
All what you know in this stange phenomena you don't have a hand .
At the object of your affection you'll often stare ,
and approach him if you dare .
If he accepts a great relationship you'll share .
If he rejects you wonder , ' Why is life so unfair ? '
This phenomen may put you to turmoil ,
and often may unwanted emotions embroil .
Upon grabbing his attention you may often toil .
But one glitch in his character would this attraction foil .
You may wonder after reading this ,
" Who on earth is this 'his' ? "
This his is a crush
and my dear readers , I'll give you some advice - DON'T RUSH .
Like a wave returning to the sea ,
this attracton short - lived may be ,
So don't act on it immediately , you see .
Or else in grave trouble you may be .

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Many thanks

Always in my mind comes a thought ,
When about nature's miracles i hear or see ,
" Hasn't Mother Nature given us a lot ?
How blessed are we ! "
For what would life be ?
Without the happy chirps of birds ,
Or the unending gifts given by the tree ,
Or the perfect construction of our body's innards .
How blessed are we !

Thursday, June 18, 2009

let's learn from nature around us

She may deprive her children
Of their daily nutrition
By giving her milk to the human
The cow's generosity is a god-given boon

The sturdy tree , unselfishly provides
The basic needs of most creeds
That inhabit this planet
Despite receiving an abundance of mistreatment

The honey bee's painful sting may be a dampener
But u can't deny this creature's sophistication and vigour
I does it's assigned work without a lament
It's truly a speciemen to compliment

No matter how small
The ant remains a good teacher 4 all
It's tiny yet mighty
It's disciplined life's truly a thing to study

So lets open our eyes to the wonders of nature
And observe the things we ignore
Nature has enough hidden lessons
To make humility an important word for humans .

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back to Delhi

I'm back to Delhi I sadly say ,
How on earth should I keep boredom at bay ?
After an adventure filled holiday
I get bored sitting at home every day .

I know I should't bitch .
With books (which I've already read ) my house is rich .
And piles of holiday homework I can't ditch .
With my new embroidery books I can learn many a stitch .

But why read the same books again and again ?
By doing holiday Homework no pleasure I gain .
While embroidering I spoil every cloth, so stiching is vain .
So how on earth do I keep my self Sane ?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A complete holiday

From North to South so many places I've scaled
In a matter of 15 days I've gone in bus , flown and railed
So many climes in this holiday I've come across
From -1 in Rohtang to 36 in Pondi I've crossed

In this holiday in Seobagh I camped in a tent
To Kullu , Manali , Manikaran and Vashist I went
In Manikaran many hot springs I saw .
On the bus I saw several apple , peach and pomogrenate trees with fruits raw.

Then we went to Rohtang pass
With Sameer and Rakesh uncle and Gungun
There was saw yak sheep and many an ass .
But getting ill on the way was not fun .

We also went to bijli mahadev , the ancient shiv temple
And again our companions were Sameer , Pranjal and Rakesh uncle .
The trek was a rough 5 km walk uphill .
But after reaching the peak , with a sense of achievement I was filled .

After that we went to Manikaran ,
Located at the scenic Parvati valley with hot springs at every turn .
It was in the gurudwara a strange sight we saw ,
Cooking in the hot springs was rice and pulses raw .

Then we returned to Delhi by bus
And throughout the journey my sweet li'l sis came without a fuss .
After that for chennai we left through flight .
By keeping this a secret my parents gave me a lovely fright .

Then for a few days in Chennai we were
And what boredom filled days they were .
Then we went with thikkum , sudhir mama and prabha mami in car .
As the distance between chennai and pondicherry wasn't far .

In pondi , at the aurobindo ashram we stayed .
By the bland taste of the satvic food I was dismayed .
The old french houses were pleasing to one's eye .
The view from Preeti aunty's house was so pleasing , oh my .

Then to banglore we payed a visit .
The vacation there was quite a hit
Shiva spent a lot of time
And with Pawan , Pramod and Yashwant , I had a good time .

Now in a day for delhi from chennai we'll leave
This vacation was my best I believe .
But once we're back life'll be the same .
With piles of homework to do and many a football game

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Homework Not Done

For a poetry recitation this poem I had written
This is about a girl whom the bug of laziness had bitten
For this poem the first prize i got
And acclaim a lot .
So here it is -

During Friday maths homework I got
" I'll do it in the long weekend " I thought
The weekend came and went
I ignored my homework and in fun i spent

But with every passing minute this thought came
"Now i must do it
Or my teacher's temper I'll have to tame
And my parents will also throw a fit

But to do my homework I wasn't very taxed
During the weekend I only relaxed
I played with my friends
And I thought " One must surely relax on weekends

Finally , this dreadful Monday morning dawned
I woke - up and I yawned
Then the realization hit me
" The maths homework ! Now what will happen to me ? "

During the bus ride , my mind raced
" Now how should the maths teacher I face ? "
So an excuse I'll quickly make
An excuse which she'll surely take

After a lot of deciding
I thought about bunking
" But my bag she'll see and get suspicious
Now this wouldn't be so auspicious "
Another excuse I chanced upon
I'll say that my granny died
And from her funeral I returned at dawn
But this excuse for 5 times I had tried

Then in my pocket I found - my trick ink blot
" I'll slip it in my copy I hatched this plot
i'll slip it wherever possible
And aha ! She'll see ink everywhere and get a scare terrible "

So the maths period arrived
And my trick , I tried
But she didn't get scared as I had divined
By discovering the trick she scared ME out of my mind

She got really angry
And this was really scary
She said in a thunderous voice " Who has plotted against me ! "
And all hands were pointed at me

With tears in my eyes
And a pulpy stomach and wobbly knees
Outside the princee's office I realise -
It's either doing homework early
Or facing the dreaded surely

Friday, June 5, 2009

more about me

On 1 March '96 I came from heaven to earth
At 11:30 pm took place my birth .
And of my parent's joy there was no dearth

My dad is an Air force officer
My mom is a teacher
So my family has to shift lock and stock in every 2 - 4 years .

So I lived in Delhi from 0 to 4
And in Kolkata from 4-7
And Napur from 7-10
Since the age of 10 , Rk Puram in Delhi has been my den.

I'm currently a teen
And from my books I can't be weaned
I can proudly say that I'm decent at oratory
Another interest is embroidery .

I also enjoy cooking , I can say
And occasionally , paint I may .
Like a normal child I go to school by the day .
I hate Sanskrit and maths and keep them at bay .

My room is irritating to one's sight
On my other turn-offs I'll throw some light
Every day with my sis I have atleast one fight
And all my clothes are a bit tight .

So today with this little info my blog I'll end
But on most days this blog I'll tend.
You are free to comment .
To my thoughts this blog gives vent

an introduction to my name

My name is madhumati which I hate
To get it was my bad fate
Because it's tooo long , old fashioned and heavy .
And I'm called Madhumakhi , which means - honey bee
There is nothing wrong with the creature you see
But for it's sting , infamous is the bee .