Saturday, September 5, 2009

An ode to teachers

On the occasion of teacher's day ,
I have something to say ,
For teaching me , a teacher I can't thank enough
because teaching a class of forty odd children is tough .
About punishments or scoldings I don't care ,
because their knowledge do they so earnestly share .
An entire generation of children do they empower .
Above all jobs does their tower .
Despite advances in technology , a teacher's guidance do we sill need ,
because we become wiser when their words of wisdom do we heed .
There's still more i have to say .
But if i do so , an epic , write I may .


  1. Didn't know u write so well!! Great work!!! Will certainly show Arvind mama ..he wud luv it.

  2. True indeed Madhu! Technology can never replace the teacher;s worth! Superb!

  3. madhumati you are exceptionally talented .....the world will get to see many of your creative sparks