Friday, August 28, 2009


A fire inside me seems to rage ,
and the sky suddenly looks like a cage .
In the confines of this small place i'm stuck ,
this truth had long ago struck .
" Why am I stuck here ?", I wonder .
When the entire world there is to explore down yonder .
So many rivers to cross ,
and interesting people to come across .
So many summits yet to reach ,
An infinity of things to learn and teach .
Many new lands to walk upon
and to learn mother natures curiosities , this realization has dawned
I want to spread my wings ,
and fly in the open sky my heart sings .
It doesn't matter if i fall ,
it's better than having nothing to live for at all .
Lots of opportunity lies infront of me .
A continuous journey i want my life to be .

Sunday, August 23, 2009

What would life be ,
without those simple pleasures or the fun ?
Of the world , what would we see ,
when those little pleasures we shun .
Each day would be a problem
an impossible summit of goals to reach .
Of unhappiness , our life would be an emblem .
the essentials of happiness would we breach .
Work would be done only because it has to be done ,
in it we'd find enjoyment none .
Where would the time be for inner reflection ?
or living a life and human connections ?
Inch towards sucess , but don't shun fun , I see
or life would't life be .

Monday, August 17, 2009

Memories of Tafs

" Change is the only constant of life . " The sages say . Kv - Kendriya Vidyalaya
But how on earth do i keep saddness at bay ? Tafs - The Air Force School
When the familiar world of tafs has melted away ,
And I sit in my dreary new kv classroom today .

The best memories were just simple pleasures ,
These small pleasures do I carefully treasure
Fun with jags was great in measure ,
Basketball was my games period leisure .

We'd often hum along ,
Atul sir's newest song ,
The list of distractions were long
And my popularity strong

I had an identity there , I would stand out ,
And my popularity among teachers and peers was stout .
For competitions I was often sent ,
Teachers thought - in teaching me their time was well spent .

I wish that those things would happen here ,
I can attain that only with hard work sheer .
To attaining that status I'm near ,
But by being here my heart still sheds a tear.