Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Thursday Think Tank # 72 - Writer's Block

By the iron law of nature
all voids shall be filled.

By the iron law of nature
no crisis lasts long.

So, when writer's block will strike
I shall not fear, for

there is no dearth of ideas;
they always come in times when
they are needed most.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Garbha- Garba (ગરબા in Gujarati) is an Indian form of dance that originated in the Gujarat region. Garba is performed in a circle as a symbol of the Hindu view of time. The rings of dancers revolve in cycles, as time in Hinduism is cyclical. As the cycle of time revolves, from birth, to life, to death and again to rebirth, the only thing that is constant is the Goddess, that one unmoving symbol in the midst of all of this unending and infinite movement. The dance symbolizes that God, represented in feminine form in this case, is the only thing that remains unchanging in a constantly changing universe (jagat).
 In this poem I've tried to describe the ecstasy that comes with doing garbha

Go around in a dancing circle
And celebrate the joy of living, the
Rhythm of divine energy that
Bursts and crackles through every atom
Hovering in your body. Then transcend your joy
And melt into the metaphysical.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mother incarnate

This is a poem that has come out rather late. I intended to write this during navaratri. Navaratri is a festival in India in which we celebrate the feminine aspect of god for nine nights. 

Mother incarnate,
we bow to your power
with all humility;

for what would be 
life without the auspiciousness
of your divine breath?

Life is cradled in your womb
and nourished by your breast.

What a healthy beautiful world
you've brought us
and sustained

But our beauty 
is a mere shadow 
of your beauty.

The giver is 
always richer than 
the taker.

Mother incarnate, 
we bow to your power. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Where did i Lose that Word?

Why does it elude my memory?
Like a thief it robs that magic:
the special ingredient 
that flavours expression.
Blindly, i grope my
where did i
lose that

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Thursday Think Tank # 69 - Haunted Houses

house is 
haunted by 
a living ghost
who is certainly 
solid, eats, breathes and moves.
Though she's luckily alive
she lives not in this moment: her 
mind hovers half-dead in bygone past,
going dusty like an abandoned house.