Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Muse

In a sunny corner you sit , dappled by creativity's light .
All of a sudden do you get , a wonderful insight .
An urge to put down this thought does gnaw ,
infact this urge is chewing you raw .
This nugget of wisdom do you want to share .
About expressing your thought is all what you care .
But then suddenly do you realise - you are stuck .
You don't have many words it's struck .
This thought shouldn't get lost do you think .
Suddenly the words speak to your spirit , it happens in a blink .
Then a paper do you grab .
Now it's coloured by your thoughts , it was initially drab .
In those few moments the harshness of reality is at bay .
those are my happiest moments , I must say .

Monday, September 21, 2009

Burning the midnight oil

It's deep into the night .
The light of your room is the only one in sight .
Exhaustion is enveloping every cell ,
but in a state of determination do you dwell .
In an attempt to stay awake , your nose bridge do you pinch .
towards your target you know you gotta inch .
When your job , with painstaking effort is done ,
the euphoria felt can described in words none .
The next day ,
you don't care what your critics , about your project have to say .
The effort you know is what matters
but in the future you're determined to do better.

Satin Bower Bird

The topic of my poem is the satin bower bird .
i'm sure about it's strange mating habits you must've heard .
The male is a deep glossy blue ,
the female being of a creamy green hue .
The male is 7 - 10 cms in height
the female being just a little more slight .
Forests of Australia and New Guinea does it inhabit .
Most unusual are it's mating habits .
September and february are the months of courting ,
in the mild autum and starting of spring .
Unlike other birds the male doesn't sing ,
he instead builds a nest with attractive things .
Flowers , shells , leaves , pegs and blue plastic do it's nest taint .
Sometimes , the walls with charcoal and fruity saliva does he paint .
After the decorating is over ,
he'll stand infront of the bower .
Then if an interested female comes around
he'll prance about and make funny sounds .
If she's impressed and his fate is good ,
inside the bower , mate they would .
Then she'll fly away .
With her eggs , on the branch of some tree she'll stay .
Then for a month she'll warm her eggs
and hatch out her offsprings ,
which after a few days from her nest'll spring .
Then after a few months the cycle will begin again ,
and the female would more offsprings gain.

" When they don't mate , what do they do ? "
This question may be bugging you .
Often in groups do they flock
and the forests they dock .
In the edges of forests , along sea shores they may stay ,
and during winters , to woodlands , migrate they may .
Fruits , larve , spiders , lizards , seeds and insects make their meal delicious ,
and oh yeah , it's scientific name - Ptilonorhyncus Violaceus .

Saturday, September 5, 2009

An ode to teachers

On the occasion of teacher's day ,
I have something to say ,
For teaching me , a teacher I can't thank enough
because teaching a class of forty odd children is tough .
About punishments or scoldings I don't care ,
because their knowledge do they so earnestly share .
An entire generation of children do they empower .
Above all jobs does their tower .
Despite advances in technology , a teacher's guidance do we sill need ,
because we become wiser when their words of wisdom do we heed .
There's still more i have to say .
But if i do so , an epic , write I may .