Monday, April 26, 2010

My Sister , the Sleeping Beauty

My sister , I say is a sleeping beauty .
To torment me into wakefulness she feels it's her duty .

Every day during the twenty second hour .
All of us squeeze into this small bed of ours .

During the twenty third hour , we know she has slept ,
Because her heavy leg over my torso she has kept .

After some time , she has twisted herself into a coil .
I think ," Of moving so much why does she toil ? "

Then after some time I feel a kick .
At an odd angle her legs does she stick .

Like an ace footballer does she kick away .
These kicks are intentional I must say .
She infuriates me with her antics even during the day .
To infuriate me further into the night she has found a way .

She dances like a bharatnatyam dancer - ta taka thai , taka thai , taka thai ,
Her foot repeatedly kicking my sore thigh .
" When will she become stable ? " , I wonder with a sigh .
Time seems to drag , it doesn't fly .

She pushes me .I push father .Father pushes mother .Mother pushes father .Father pushes my sister .She pushes me .
An excellent explanation of Domino Effect this may be .

She crunches up like a frog , buttocks in the air .
To drape a blanket over her tiny body , she doesn't care .
My sympathy for her increases by a manifold .
I gently cover her ,protecting her from the cold .

Ah! Now all is calm .
The cold stillness of the night is like a balm .

I am floating gently , drifting off to sleep .
My breathing is slow,rhythmic and deep.

The next morning makes itself known .
I feel soreness in about every cell I own .

I look up . The little devil doesn't look like she has been dancing all night .
In fact her face is a jolly sight .

Today I'll set this little devil right .
But sadly , I suffer every night .

Sunday, April 11, 2010


It's like the quiet before a storm
Tense and apparent .
Both of you can forsee ,
The winds , the thunder and the rain
And you know that there will be pain.
You just know the inevitable ,
That you have to part .
The silence is wrenching your heart .

All what's unsaid ,
Is somehow articulated in the heavy silence .
The flaws in each become glaring .
But the restraint is more painful than the forseen arguing .
One thought is mutual though ,
Why have the sunny days gone ?
Why have the clouds suddenly shown ?

Suddenly , the first breeze of parting blows .
It is small and insignificant .
But before it's forgotten , the winds start swirling .
On the skies can be seen , a long bolt of lightning ,
Followed by a clap of thunder , loud and booming .
Now the inevitability of parting is positively looming .

Both of you shout and scream at each other .
In solitude you cry .
All the unsaid thoughts start raining down ,
With such force that they become hail .
Inflicting deep wounds that will leave scars behind .

The rain ceases but the winds don't .
The clouds are looming over your heads .
The silence descends heavily , like a blanket of mist .
When will the clouds empty themselves again ?

It rains again with lesser intensity .
The words aren't as painful as the stones of hail .
But they manage to bruise your skins .
The clouds are emptying themselves .
But will you be able to wait ?
When will the sun appear meekly behind the clouds ?
You don't know .

Your friend leaves you behind ,
But no longer a friend ,
In search of a sunny spot .

You are left , standing in the rain ,
With tears pouring down your face ,
And pain searing through every part of you .
You come to the realisation that you have to move .
To search for a better place ,
And wade through the muck in search of firm soil .
Which is your only refuge from the rain .
Leaving all those pleasant memories behind ,
Which will continue haunting you .
your heart is heavy ...............