Friday, October 23, 2009

The best circus I have ever seen

The best circus I have ever seen,
are the antics in the classroom , where the teacher is unseen .
In the teacher's absence , is the class truly a sight to behold .
Never fora second must a teacher ever relax , on the students her strict hold .
The monitors in an attempt to gain control , beside the door stand .
But not for a moment can they bring the ruckus infront of them at hand .
Many groups around desks do cluster .
It's difficult , in the midst of such crowd , to your way bluster .
Oft do you hear many a shout ,
and see a few people , without any intent , loitering about .
On top of his voice does a boy sing , " Hit me baby one more time !!!! "
One girl , infront of an eager audience does our SST teacher mime .
" Main Sabhki Jaanu " , does she say .
Also many small scuffles , see you may .
Even to your dreams of seeing discipline , should you say nay ,
because a million years away , is that ideal day .
The sentinels of the class , at the door stand guard ,
ready to cry out , if ever of a teacher , they'll see a shard .
But many of their warnings will they lightly take ,
because they know that the threats are fake .
Alas!!!!! A warn finnaly comes true ,
and the consequences fail to give the miscreant the blue .
As the monitors will rightly predict ,
a teacher comes and the state of the class will her anger elicit .
About the hooliganish behaviour will she yell ,
but never any guilt will she be able to sell .
For the rest of the period does she tell us , " Stand up with your arms in the air !!!!!!!! "
But for ingraining guilt , she doesn't have a flair .
All of a sudden , in the midst of lecturing rings the bell ,
But again over the class , hooliganism fell .
Then the same cycle begins again ,
and in quelling the disorder , no one , will any success gain .

Thursday, October 22, 2009

An unwelcome change

I don't know what's happening to me ,
in constant ennui , I seem to be .
Why is it that I'm constantly tired ,
and all my enthusiasm is completely fired ?
Sometimes I feel asthough I may just cry .
Why is this happening , oh why ?
To complete a task , to all extremes my mind I have to push .
Only at the last moment will I rush .
Sometimes I feel that I should be doing more ,
yet working is a complete bore .
This change in attitude I don't like .
To me as a negative change does it strike .
Now tell me , my dear readers , what should I do ?
Because a lot of value do I give you .

Friday, October 16, 2009

Diwali Wishes

As the night of Deepavali comes near and near ,
a very Happy Diwali do I wish you , my dear .
This of lights being a fest ,
I hope it lights up your life with joy and jest .
In plenty , I hope the sweets of happiness come .
May Laxmi bring prosperity home .
With hope and resilience may you be dressed ,
so that all life's problems are well addressed .
I hope those lives you'll also light ,
whose due to misfortune is in a .
May the diya also dipel ,
all darkness in life , which does happiness repel .
May the crackers burst , of a life good .
I conclude , wishing you a Happy Diwali , in a festive mood .

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time : The Ultimate Enemy

The ultimate enemy I feel is time .
The greatest tormentor does this power mime .
This power can't be seen by all ,
but it consumes all , no matter big or small .
As time slowly elapses ,
everything in this world slowly elapses .
This power is unseen ,
but by every single organism , felt it has been .
Against time we always fight .
On every being , has it always been tight .
Sometimes it is so elusive .
Often by passing quickly is it abusive .
But sometimes it is so slow ,
that all your endurance does it blow .
Fun always goes by fast .
Tough times , longer do last .
Time can people use ,
also in the form of abuse .
Often about tasks not done are we reminded .
Why is this slip so greatly minded ?
I wish there was a world with no worries ,
a world , where to breach deadlines there would be no hurries .
But if it is so , no progress will be made ,
out of laziness , to all improvements goodbye can we bade .
But then would the worls come to a sorry state ,
and forever would change , humanity's good fate .
Finally this fact do I have to absorb ,
Time is the ultimate controller , the crystal ball's orb .

Thursday, October 1, 2009

On festivals

The spirit of goodwill is manifest ,
the spirit of joy , the spirit of jest .
And in these moments , happiness is at it's best .
A break , from life's gruelling test .
Of memories with family a festival is a treasure chest .
Of sweets , rangolis and new dresses is a fest .
The decorations to invite god , do beautify your nest .
It is a symbol of victory over evil's eternal quest .