Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Time : The Ultimate Enemy

The ultimate enemy I feel is time .
The greatest tormentor does this power mime .
This power can't be seen by all ,
but it consumes all , no matter big or small .
As time slowly elapses ,
everything in this world slowly elapses .
This power is unseen ,
but by every single organism , felt it has been .
Against time we always fight .
On every being , has it always been tight .
Sometimes it is so elusive .
Often by passing quickly is it abusive .
But sometimes it is so slow ,
that all your endurance does it blow .
Fun always goes by fast .
Tough times , longer do last .
Time can people use ,
also in the form of abuse .
Often about tasks not done are we reminded .
Why is this slip so greatly minded ?
I wish there was a world with no worries ,
a world , where to breach deadlines there would be no hurries .
But if it is so , no progress will be made ,
out of laziness , to all improvements goodbye can we bade .
But then would the worls come to a sorry state ,
and forever would change , humanity's good fate .
Finally this fact do I have to absorb ,
Time is the ultimate controller , the crystal ball's orb .


  1. Madhu dear,

    Need to judiciously and gainfully use time right? - rather than perceiving it as the 'ultimate enemy'? Time and tide wait for none they say - so we have no choice - gather yourselves fast and catch up with TIME!

  2. ur right but i got inspiration while i was up late to finish a gruelling piece of hw