Friday, November 29, 2013

An Attempt at Ghazal: The Devil's Snare

When the root of all my torments is laid bare
Desire is seen to be the Devil's Snare.

Of where i'm being led why should i care
as temptations lure me to the Devil's snare?

Passion's seed becomes a weed that will tear
through that which protects me from the Devil's snare.

Only of soaring weightlessness i'm aware;
Conscience is cast off in the Devil's snare.

Giddily reckless i do what i wouldn't dare
had my will rescued me from the Devil's snare.

I writhe and moan in ecstasy i can't bear
as Reason burns away in the Devil's snare.

My senses are numb to the thorns that are there
embedded where i land on the Devil's snare.

Orgiastic ecstasy recedes to where
i see myself trapped in the Devil's snare.

Now i can only caution you to beware
as i lie bleeding upon the Devil's snare.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

What is All this About?

Why should i circle through lives
while you hurl hurdles at me?

Why should pain be a constant companion in
my tormented journey through the planes of this universe?

Why should i be stuck in eternal stasis,
making the same mistakes over and over again,
blinkered and fettered by changeless lack of
insight into your elusive motives?

Happiness is a bait you bribe me by
but can you compensate for aeons of suffering?