Friday, November 29, 2013

An Attempt at Ghazal: The Devil's Snare

When the root of all my torments is laid bare
Desire is seen to be the Devil's Snare.

Of where i'm being led why should i care
as temptations lure me to the Devil's snare?

Passion's seed becomes a weed that will tear
through that which protects me from the Devil's snare.

Only of soaring weightlessness i'm aware;
Conscience is cast off in the Devil's snare.

Giddily reckless i do what i wouldn't dare
had my will rescued me from the Devil's snare.

I writhe and moan in ecstasy i can't bear
as Reason burns away in the Devil's snare.

My senses are numb to the thorns that are there
embedded where i land on the Devil's snare.

Orgiastic ecstasy recedes to where
i see myself trapped in the Devil's snare.

Now i can only caution you to beware
as i lie bleeding upon the Devil's snare.


  1. wow! that' s a beautiful poem. plus the CAUTION.

  2. The devil can be very sly indeed. This poem is a cautionary tale in verse!

  3. quite intense....yes you have to be careful falling into the snares of the devil...they will def tempt you with desires and ecstasy, promises, only to leave you bleeding and in despair....thanks for visiting today as well...smiles.

  4. Desire is a trap, for sure. Especially when our desires lead us to places where angels would definitely fear to tread. This poem exemplifies the pitfalls perfectly.

  5. Very good poem, the imagination, the message and the novel way of putting it across....The paradox of wanting is enlightening! Loved this delightful write up..beautiful poem, madhumakhi :-)

  6. really intense write...desire takes us many places.. we must pick and choose well...

  7. A cautionary tale! Well done,. kiddo. And should I add "Be careful"??? A wonderful ghazal!

  8. desire is the driving force and the devil as well....great write up...

  9. I love the ghazal, and this is particularly riveting! Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  10. Sometimes we just have to throw caution to the wind...
    Anna :o]

  11. left you bleeding on the devil's snare...oh, very strong

  12. Very well-done caution poem! The repetition is very effective.

  13. I have only attempted to write ghazal once; yours is way better than mine. You've chosen a fabulous refrain and used it well in this cautionary tale.


  14. Wonderful ghazal (and Tony was before me saying so). very choice of words, on temptations and how the devil works... great progression...

  15. So well written and good intentions....beautiful poem.

  16. the form you chose works so well with your message, well done!