Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ah! Summer Holidays

Ah! Summer holidays
Days filled with fun and frolic.

Days when you stretch into shapeless relaxation
savouring each second as it passes by.

Days when you cut through a pool of water
and feel it flowing backwards
as you swim forward.

Days when you lick countless ice-creams,
letting the frozen treat slowly melt into your mouth.
Only to slurp it hastily, as it becomes a puddle.

Days when you sit infront of the t.v
and watch too many a movie
and lose yourself into the delightful world of make-believe.

Days when you meet up with old friends
and do many silly things together,
enjoying each moment of their company.

Days when you meet long lost relatives
and feel the bond of family again,
which will keep you going till the next meeting.

Days when you explore the city
and marvel at it's vastness and beauty
and fall in love with it.

Days when you wonder,
how to finish holiday homework,
even when you have time hanging loosely on you.

Days when you stare up at the bright night sky,
wishing you could see a star.
But the moon is as radiant as ever.

Days when you go off,
to far away, exotic lands,
so refreshingly different and new.

Days that will elapse in the blink of an eye.
Or days that will lazily drag on
and make you wish
that life ought to be a long summer holiday.
But they will never fail to arrive next year
and make you live fully again .

Ah! Summer holidays...........

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My growth as a Writer and as a Person

I'm growing, Slowly, gradually,
Word by word and poem by poem.
I am discovering who I am,
Thought by thought and muse by muse.

I'm groping into the depths of my psyche,
For those golden words of inspiration;
Great ideas are turning up like unexpected treasures;
The deeper I go more gems I see,
But the depth of my psyche I can't measure,

It'll be an interesting journey,
I assured myself when I started.
The mine is very deep and unpredictable;
I have got so much more than what I wanted.

I find a burrow.
Sometimes a burrow diverges into two;
Which one should I go into?
I'll choose the one that poses a greater risk.
Occasionally, I may choose the other.

What lies at the bottom,
At the bottom of this bottomless mine?
This I cannot fathom.
But all burrows will eventually lead me to the bottom.

I may also encounter the remains a skeleton,
Pressed under a heavy rock.
I want to remove it- it symbolises my darker nature,
The path of my journey does it block.

I'll keep collecting all the gems I've found,
With the beauty of my nature, by them am I bound,
As I go along, these gems will be converted to jewels
I'll give them away to humanity. 'It's a gift', I'll tell.

I'm still wandering,
These networks of burrows are never-ending,
Maybe I'll hit rock bottom some day.
But that day is far away.
I was a young girl, safe and sound.
Within the confines of values, I was bound.
I was an obedient child, who listened to her mother.
To explore my deeper thoughts, I didn't bother.

I am an adolescent now, and a fire inside me seems to rage.
Those values of safety are like the bars of a strong iron cage.
Hows and whys constantly baffle me.
In my mother's words no reason I see.

Why do I have to be kind and good?
Why am I not free to 'wear' my mood?
Why do have to follow each and every dictum of society?
Aren't these norms a curse to the creativity of humanity?

Why can't I explore my colourful personality?
Of unexplored things there is an infinity.
Why is the world confined in little trvialities,
How you present yourself and those so called aids of personality.

Isn't there suffering in the world everyday?
Why don't we concentrate on taking it away.
It's better than 'being' good I say.
A noble deed would make my day.

A million rebellious thoughts cut across my head like a knife.
These thoughts bring great strife.
Maybe time will settle my inner turmoil.
But inside my soul does restlessness still boil.

These iron bars are being broken.
Maybe they'll become something else.
They'll not confine me.
They'll make me free.
They'll make me calm and happy.
But what they'll become I can't see.