Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My growth as a Writer and as a Person

I'm growing, Slowly, gradually,
Word by word and poem by poem.
I am discovering who I am,
Thought by thought and muse by muse.

I'm groping into the depths of my psyche,
For those golden words of inspiration;
Great ideas are turning up like unexpected treasures;
The deeper I go more gems I see,
But the depth of my psyche I can't measure,

It'll be an interesting journey,
I assured myself when I started.
The mine is very deep and unpredictable;
I have got so much more than what I wanted.

I find a burrow.
Sometimes a burrow diverges into two;
Which one should I go into?
I'll choose the one that poses a greater risk.
Occasionally, I may choose the other.

What lies at the bottom,
At the bottom of this bottomless mine?
This I cannot fathom.
But all burrows will eventually lead me to the bottom.

I may also encounter the remains a skeleton,
Pressed under a heavy rock.
I want to remove it- it symbolises my darker nature,
The path of my journey does it block.

I'll keep collecting all the gems I've found,
With the beauty of my nature, by them am I bound,
As I go along, these gems will be converted to jewels
I'll give them away to humanity. 'It's a gift', I'll tell.

I'm still wandering,
These networks of burrows are never-ending,
Maybe I'll hit rock bottom some day.
But that day is far away.

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  1. Ah Madhumakhi, you are a treasure and your blog and poetry are jewels. I would love to join your blogger group. Keep writing!