Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Train Journey

Chugging along with varying velocity ,
It offers a window to India's diversity .
Through the windows is seen .
The India that I heard of , but remained unseen .

An India that consists of villages and lush fields .
And rows of crops with rich yields .
Cows and buffaloes , hens and cocks .
Dense forests , hills and boulders and rocks.

Trees with branches long and snaking .
Many grasses , some green and some yellowing .
Underneath a bridge , flows a wide river .
On the waters , float many a streamer .

There are ghettos and there are slums .
Now the view looks pretty glum .
Poverty is stark all around .
I can see that I've landed on the ground.

There are giagantic factories with heavy machinery
They are the spoilers of the tranquil scenery .
The chimneys belch out so much smoke ,
I'm surprised that life hasn't choked.

The station edges near and near .
The platform becomes more clear .
Signalling an end of a long sojourn .
Bringing a full stop to this train journey .

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It somes slowly
Creeping towards you like a lizard on the wall
With soft steps
That become louder as the feet progress .

It's an occurence far away ,
Your near and dear does it steal away .
When they're stolen with might you grieve
Your own demise you can't perceive .

But about that occasion you often ponder .
"What happens then ?",Do you often wonder .
"Where will it lead me to?"
"Is there life after death ?Is it true ?"

The prospect of death scares you too .
When in some form or the other it glares at you .
You know your moments are measured and few .
Neither do you want life snatched away from you .

But sometimes it is an unimaginable blow .
You don't expect it at all .
It doesn't bother to warn .
An accident's disguise does it often don .

Sometimes it just approaches you ,
Taking you in it's dark caress , which becomes a tight grip .
But fortunately it releases it's grip on you
And leaves you free , only to take you again .

Now death is far away .
You don't worry about it night and day .
But it just flits across like a thought
A new zeal to live has it brought .

Is death as frightening as it's made to be ?
Time will tell and we'll see.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Another year has come and gone ,
Another birthday has finally dawned .
Bringing with it a new chapter of life ,

How I wish , a child I should be forever
To be weighed down with responsibilities never .
To be enclosed in safety's bosom ,
In a place where life is a bed of roses and a shower of blossoms .

But a part of me wants to grow
Seeds of opportunities in life's soil , I'm willing to sow .
Even if I have to encounter bugs and pests and rocks and stones .
The difficulties will never never break my spirit , even if they break my bones .

But life is a constant tug of war .
Am I a child or an adult ? I am not so sure .
Sometimes I want to be safe and sound .
But I also want to live a life of responsibility , I have found .

I am going to take everything in my stride .
Sometimes I'll swim along , or I'll direct life's tide .
I'll be cared for and I will care .
I'll absorb all there is and all what I have , I'll share .