Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Another year has come and gone ,
Another birthday has finally dawned .
Bringing with it a new chapter of life ,

How I wish , a child I should be forever
To be weighed down with responsibilities never .
To be enclosed in safety's bosom ,
In a place where life is a bed of roses and a shower of blossoms .

But a part of me wants to grow
Seeds of opportunities in life's soil , I'm willing to sow .
Even if I have to encounter bugs and pests and rocks and stones .
The difficulties will never never break my spirit , even if they break my bones .

But life is a constant tug of war .
Am I a child or an adult ? I am not so sure .
Sometimes I want to be safe and sound .
But I also want to live a life of responsibility , I have found .

I am going to take everything in my stride .
Sometimes I'll swim along , or I'll direct life's tide .
I'll be cared for and I will care .
I'll absorb all there is and all what I have , I'll share .

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