Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Boring Class

Yawn !! , I am in the middle of this boring class .
How I wish it would get over fast .
The teacher is going on and on and on ,
About some alien concept that's making me yawn .

Why can't i get out of here ?
If i do , my fate i'll fear .
God , when will the bell ring ?
I'm waiting for the sound of that joy inducing ting - ting .

How i wish she'll go mad and dance .
But no , of that there isn't a chance .
She is too sane for her own good .
This glaring truth is spoiling my mood .

Perhaps the loudspeaker will fall on her head .
Then for good she'll pass out , and be stuck in bed .
Wouln't it be excellent if she wouldn't return forever .
But this idea is not too clever .

Because the loudspeaker is too steadily fixed to the wall .
Of it's fall , there is no chance at all .
Okay then , forget it .
If she finds out what i am dreaming , she'll throw a fit .

Ouch ! What has hit my head ?
" It is a chalk " , my partner has said .
I say , " From where ? "
She says , " There "

She points towards the teacher in rage .
Who now looks like a tiger in a cage .
She looks at me with an expression such
That I regret my inattention very much .

She says to me , " You dreamer , get out of my class "
I think , " Yipee !! In fun my day will pass "
Just as I am on my way out ,
I hear her shout .

" Don't children have manners ?
Can't they say sorry when they err ? "
Just before she plunges into a lecture , rings the bell .
Finally , some relief from hell .

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