Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am not Alone

I am not alone .
The world is filled with my kith and kin .
I am not alone .
Perhaps the story of our life is different
But the path is the same .
The pursuits aren't so
Some may want riches or wealth .
Some may seek knowledge
A few may strive towards fame
Some inch towards excellence
While a few desire peace and health .
But all want eternal happiness , don't they ?
All go through those brief moments of happiness
And those moments of anger and pain
Those moments of wonder
The few moments of realisation
And painful experiences of humiliation .
Therefore , I am not alone .
Yes , those feelings strike us at different times .
The circumstances aren't the same .
But there are also those feelings of unity
Those strong waves of togetherness .
A strife exists still
when the differences are made stark and similarities discarded
Maybe this strife may end
When humanity breaks down the walls of differences
And we embrace each other as we are
No matter what the intricacies of the character
Then maybe everyone will be saying
We are alike so I am not alone .

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