Monday, January 25, 2010

Why doesn't life give them a second chance ?

Why do some babies die ,
even before they learn to cry ?
Why do a select few birds fall from the sky ,
when the first time they decide to spread their wings , into the open sky .
Why are there eggs that never hatch ?
Or crops that don't grow from a well prepared patch ?
Why do some flowers wilt before they bloom ?
Why by danger are all lives doomed ?
So many dreams are crushed ,
When the life from a body is flushed .
So many missions crash before they start ,
leaving behind gloom in the dreamers heart .
Why does life choose a few and not all ?
Why even before their rise , do some fall .
Fall so badly that they never rise again .
It is difficult to get the hope to rise again .
Why doesn't life
Give those seeds the chance to bloom and rise ?
Why doen't it give them a second chance ?

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