Monday, July 27, 2009

On crushes

It come to you like a wave crashing down the sea ,
as subtley as subtley can be .
But your senes day and night he'll trouble .
Around him you'll stutter and fumble .
It's difficult to keep him out of your mind .
And often having wild fantasies 'bout him , you yourself will find .
Towards you , you wish he'll bind .
Your thoughts on your inadequacies will become not so kind .
Often infront of the mirror you'll stand ,
wodering , ' Why on earth with such horrible looks did I land ? ' .
What's happening , you may or may not understand .
All what you know in this stange phenomena you don't have a hand .
At the object of your affection you'll often stare ,
and approach him if you dare .
If he accepts a great relationship you'll share .
If he rejects you wonder , ' Why is life so unfair ? '
This phenomen may put you to turmoil ,
and often may unwanted emotions embroil .
Upon grabbing his attention you may often toil .
But one glitch in his character would this attraction foil .
You may wonder after reading this ,
" Who on earth is this 'his' ? "
This his is a crush
and my dear readers , I'll give you some advice - DON'T RUSH .
Like a wave returning to the sea ,
this attracton short - lived may be ,
So don't act on it immediately , you see .
Or else in grave trouble you may be .

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Many thanks

Always in my mind comes a thought ,
When about nature's miracles i hear or see ,
" Hasn't Mother Nature given us a lot ?
How blessed are we ! "
For what would life be ?
Without the happy chirps of birds ,
Or the unending gifts given by the tree ,
Or the perfect construction of our body's innards .
How blessed are we !