Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Is it wrong to long
for the key to the door of
forbidden pleasure?

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Thursday Think Tank # 83 - YES

 I know that this is a rather late response to a prompt but i took my time. I was reminded of something that my Kenyan brother, Salem Lorot had told me once. He had told me that i should respond to a prompt no matter how late i am. Thank you ndugu!
 Here's my poem-

The little girl clutched her dolly
as she took some hesitant steps
towards a bunch of girls like her.

Each child was engrossed in her own
play, feeding her fantasies in
calm solitude, drifting off deep
into her little universe.

And among those kids there was
harmonious solidarity;
they were playing with the same toys
in typical toddler fashion.

How much the little girl yearned to
be a part of their tranquil play!

But the instinctive wisdom of
her three year old antennae
deterred her from becoming the
unwelcome intruder.

Somehow she managed to muster
the courage to walk up to them;
and in her sweet soft voice she asked,
"Can i pway with ya?" The other
kid said a nonchalant 'yes'.
She grinned from ear to ear.