Thursday, October 22, 2009

An unwelcome change

I don't know what's happening to me ,
in constant ennui , I seem to be .
Why is it that I'm constantly tired ,
and all my enthusiasm is completely fired ?
Sometimes I feel asthough I may just cry .
Why is this happening , oh why ?
To complete a task , to all extremes my mind I have to push .
Only at the last moment will I rush .
Sometimes I feel that I should be doing more ,
yet working is a complete bore .
This change in attitude I don't like .
To me as a negative change does it strike .
Now tell me , my dear readers , what should I do ?
Because a lot of value do I give you .


  1. Hmm...looks like either its time for a break - vacations round the corner? Else case of lazing around! :-)

    Buck up, get set, and runnnnnnn....

    You will be back energised.

  2. It may also be due to your age. If pretty much everything looks boring, then may be nothing is wrong with the subjects. Everything boring can be made interesting. One good thing to remember is that this time of your life, will also go through, and we dont want to regret not making the best of it - do we?