Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Muse

In a sunny corner you sit , dappled by creativity's light .
All of a sudden do you get , a wonderful insight .
An urge to put down this thought does gnaw ,
infact this urge is chewing you raw .
This nugget of wisdom do you want to share .
About expressing your thought is all what you care .
But then suddenly do you realise - you are stuck .
You don't have many words it's struck .
This thought shouldn't get lost do you think .
Suddenly the words speak to your spirit , it happens in a blink .
Then a paper do you grab .
Now it's coloured by your thoughts , it was initially drab .
In those few moments the harshness of reality is at bay .
those are my happiest moments , I must say .


  1. Kudos on the wonderful thoughts which flow so naturally! Keep the spirit going! Cheers!

  2. hey , thnks 4 being king enough 2 comment