Friday, August 28, 2009


A fire inside me seems to rage ,
and the sky suddenly looks like a cage .
In the confines of this small place i'm stuck ,
this truth had long ago struck .
" Why am I stuck here ?", I wonder .
When the entire world there is to explore down yonder .
So many rivers to cross ,
and interesting people to come across .
So many summits yet to reach ,
An infinity of things to learn and teach .
Many new lands to walk upon
and to learn mother natures curiosities , this realization has dawned
I want to spread my wings ,
and fly in the open sky my heart sings .
It doesn't matter if i fall ,
it's better than having nothing to live for at all .
Lots of opportunity lies infront of me .
A continuous journey i want my life to be .


  1. it came out in a moment of inspiration

  2. lovely rhymes.
    love the flow..
    Glad to have you in poets rally...

    visit and comment for 18, let me know after you are done.

  3. This is good. I hope to here more from you.

  4. Beautiful poem...
    Here is my poem for the rally

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  6. we have so much to learn and feel and experience...
    a continuous journey of success and failure...
    beautiful write

  7. we all feel that raging fire at times.. a wonderful write with lovely rhyme :)

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