Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A complete holiday

From North to South so many places I've scaled
In a matter of 15 days I've gone in bus , flown and railed
So many climes in this holiday I've come across
From -1 in Rohtang to 36 in Pondi I've crossed

In this holiday in Seobagh I camped in a tent
To Kullu , Manali , Manikaran and Vashist I went
In Manikaran many hot springs I saw .
On the bus I saw several apple , peach and pomogrenate trees with fruits raw.

Then we went to Rohtang pass
With Sameer and Rakesh uncle and Gungun
There was saw yak sheep and many an ass .
But getting ill on the way was not fun .

We also went to bijli mahadev , the ancient shiv temple
And again our companions were Sameer , Pranjal and Rakesh uncle .
The trek was a rough 5 km walk uphill .
But after reaching the peak , with a sense of achievement I was filled .

After that we went to Manikaran ,
Located at the scenic Parvati valley with hot springs at every turn .
It was in the gurudwara a strange sight we saw ,
Cooking in the hot springs was rice and pulses raw .

Then we returned to Delhi by bus
And throughout the journey my sweet li'l sis came without a fuss .
After that for chennai we left through flight .
By keeping this a secret my parents gave me a lovely fright .

Then for a few days in Chennai we were
And what boredom filled days they were .
Then we went with thikkum , sudhir mama and prabha mami in car .
As the distance between chennai and pondicherry wasn't far .

In pondi , at the aurobindo ashram we stayed .
By the bland taste of the satvic food I was dismayed .
The old french houses were pleasing to one's eye .
The view from Preeti aunty's house was so pleasing , oh my .

Then to banglore we payed a visit .
The vacation there was quite a hit
Shiva spent a lot of time
And with Pawan , Pramod and Yashwant , I had a good time .

Now in a day for delhi from chennai we'll leave
This vacation was my best I believe .
But once we're back life'll be the same .
With piles of homework to do and many a football game


  1. Good Job Madhu!! Really nice one!! :)


  2. grt madhu..grt talent..way to go!!

  3. hill and fill would have gone better than, hill and filled?

  4. left through flight? took a flight and got a fright - otherwise good one