Sunday, June 7, 2009

Homework Not Done

For a poetry recitation this poem I had written
This is about a girl whom the bug of laziness had bitten
For this poem the first prize i got
And acclaim a lot .
So here it is -

During Friday maths homework I got
" I'll do it in the long weekend " I thought
The weekend came and went
I ignored my homework and in fun i spent

But with every passing minute this thought came
"Now i must do it
Or my teacher's temper I'll have to tame
And my parents will also throw a fit

But to do my homework I wasn't very taxed
During the weekend I only relaxed
I played with my friends
And I thought " One must surely relax on weekends

Finally , this dreadful Monday morning dawned
I woke - up and I yawned
Then the realization hit me
" The maths homework ! Now what will happen to me ? "

During the bus ride , my mind raced
" Now how should the maths teacher I face ? "
So an excuse I'll quickly make
An excuse which she'll surely take

After a lot of deciding
I thought about bunking
" But my bag she'll see and get suspicious
Now this wouldn't be so auspicious "
Another excuse I chanced upon
I'll say that my granny died
And from her funeral I returned at dawn
But this excuse for 5 times I had tried

Then in my pocket I found - my trick ink blot
" I'll slip it in my copy I hatched this plot
i'll slip it wherever possible
And aha ! She'll see ink everywhere and get a scare terrible "

So the maths period arrived
And my trick , I tried
But she didn't get scared as I had divined
By discovering the trick she scared ME out of my mind

She got really angry
And this was really scary
She said in a thunderous voice " Who has plotted against me ! "
And all hands were pointed at me

With tears in my eyes
And a pulpy stomach and wobbly knees
Outside the princee's office I realise -
It's either doing homework early
Or facing the dreaded surely

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