Friday, June 5, 2009

more about me

On 1 March '96 I came from heaven to earth
At 11:30 pm took place my birth .
And of my parent's joy there was no dearth

My dad is an Air force officer
My mom is a teacher
So my family has to shift lock and stock in every 2 - 4 years .

So I lived in Delhi from 0 to 4
And in Kolkata from 4-7
And Napur from 7-10
Since the age of 10 , Rk Puram in Delhi has been my den.

I'm currently a teen
And from my books I can't be weaned
I can proudly say that I'm decent at oratory
Another interest is embroidery .

I also enjoy cooking , I can say
And occasionally , paint I may .
Like a normal child I go to school by the day .
I hate Sanskrit and maths and keep them at bay .

My room is irritating to one's sight
On my other turn-offs I'll throw some light
Every day with my sis I have atleast one fight
And all my clothes are a bit tight .

So today with this little info my blog I'll end
But on most days this blog I'll tend.
You are free to comment .
To my thoughts this blog gives vent


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