Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back to Delhi

I'm back to Delhi I sadly say ,
How on earth should I keep boredom at bay ?
After an adventure filled holiday
I get bored sitting at home every day .

I know I should't bitch .
With books (which I've already read ) my house is rich .
And piles of holiday homework I can't ditch .
With my new embroidery books I can learn many a stitch .

But why read the same books again and again ?
By doing holiday Homework no pleasure I gain .
While embroidering I spoil every cloth, so stiching is vain .
So how on earth do I keep my self Sane ?


  1. how rightly said . but I gotta be a bit careful about my net usage or otherwise our connection might be cut .

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog.. this is a nice poem. Trust me schood days are to be cherished enjoy every moment of it :)