Thursday, June 18, 2009

let's learn from nature around us

She may deprive her children
Of their daily nutrition
By giving her milk to the human
The cow's generosity is a god-given boon

The sturdy tree , unselfishly provides
The basic needs of most creeds
That inhabit this planet
Despite receiving an abundance of mistreatment

The honey bee's painful sting may be a dampener
But u can't deny this creature's sophistication and vigour
I does it's assigned work without a lament
It's truly a speciemen to compliment

No matter how small
The ant remains a good teacher 4 all
It's tiny yet mighty
It's disciplined life's truly a thing to study

So lets open our eyes to the wonders of nature
And observe the things we ignore
Nature has enough hidden lessons
To make humility an important word for humans .

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