Friday, December 11, 2009


In your heart , there is a void ,
Of joy and purpose your life is devoid .

You know there is a lot to do ,but you don't know where to start .
"There is a lot of good that you can be doing " , says your heart .

With unfortunate people this world is filled .
In helping them rise above their misfortune , can time be killed .

Nature is overflowing with secrets to be unearthed .
Of knowledge and learning there is no dearth .

Many skills have to be learnt in order to evolve .
In many arts , you can , your intelligence involve .

Why , when there is a wealth of good things to be done ,
Is it that you find , a suitable task none ?

Why don't you find something , which you are passionate about ?
Why does frustation of being idle remain stout ?

When will you get that dream .
That goal , because of which , you'll push all your seams .

The goal , that hobby or the curiosity that will fill you with passion .
When will the time come , when out of these , something great you'll fashion ?

You hope the end of this tunnel will soon appear .
You hope you see that light , and all your boredom will dissapear.

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