Friday, December 18, 2009

The Seasons of my Mind

My mind is like the weather , I say .
The mood changes moment by moment and day by day .
Sometimes it is like the summer sun's angry heat ,
Or heavy like the monsoon clouds after defeat .
Like the autum it often sheds it's leaves and change is bold .
In moments of lonliness it feels like the winter's cold.

But the summer can also be bright , happy and gay .
Fire of the summer's angry heat , do the monsoon clouds often douse .
Change is welcome feel I may .
The festive spirit and unity does winter arouse .

But how I long for that eternal spring ,
When the flowers of opportunity always bloom , and the birds of joy always sing .
With enthusiasm should I wake up each morn ,
A zest such that I feel new , I feel reborn .
That eternal spring , when no matter what the weather is outside ,
The flowers bloom and the birds sing inside .

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