Thursday, November 5, 2009

Into the Greens of District Park

As I walk into the greens of District Park ,
all around me is tranquility stark .
On a branch of a tree , sweetly does sing a lark .
Small blossoms of daisies do the forest floor mark .

As I walk along that ribbon of a trail ,
toward a sea of green do I seem to sail .
All around me are trees , whose leaves are delicately green without a fail .
Occasionally may one see , a monkey's long tail .

Here and there do delicate , colourful flowers bloom .
Watching them fills me with happiness such that I forget all gloom .
Being in those rare places , where humans don't nature groom ,
makes me feel blissful , unlike the claustrophobic concrete room .

The air is so clean , fresh and pure .
The wish of wanting to live here , undisturbed is sure .
But alas ! Does the power of time ensure ,
and towards the park's manicured lawns does it lure .

To leave nature's bounty , hesitant be I may .
But those few moments among the wilderness , are my best I must say .
To regain my peace of mind do I go each day .
After that little period of solitude and bliss , to reality do i find my way .


  1. wow! u have such a good vocabulary for being ur age im in middle school and i use that typical middle school grammer. Ur poems are so good, they sound like they were written by someone twice ur age.

  2. thnks , but evn u have a gift for writing . I reli lyked ur poem , Colour Splashed