Friday, November 13, 2009

From a seed to a tree

A child is like a seed , I must say ,
who slowly sprouts into a sapling , and becomes a tree one day .
If this little tree has to sprout ,
it should be given heat , water and soil .
If it has to be a sturdy tree,
very hard must a gardener toil .

Never on this little sapling should you trample .
Ensure that it gets the light of education ample .
The manure of good values should be mixed in the soil ,
or else , all your efforts willl foil .
Give it all your love , sing it an occasional song .
Then will you see , in sometime , a sapling strong .

Give it the time to grow ,
and to protect it from evil take a vow .
But let it brave sometime , a storm or a shower of rain .
Or else how will the required strength it gain?

In the years to come as it grows old ,
on it's soil does it have a stonger hold .
Lesser and lesser would it nees your care ,
and suddenly ! One fine day in awe you'll stare .
That little , delicate sapling you planted long ago ,
had branched into a sturdy tree .
Giving it's protective shade to all , sharing it's gifts with humanity .


  1. this is really touching

  2. its such a sweet poem!! for many pthers who are not your friend on facebook i will make it a point they read this!!!.......................ankita!!

  3. Thnk u so much guys , I luv ya'll