Friday, February 21, 2014

Addressed to No One Anyone Knows Of

You can
piss on my feelings
all you want;
and get away with it.

You're a giant
and i'm a peashooter.

You're friendly popular
tried tested and trusted.
(Or so it seems.)

I'm the caustic irreverent
'rebel without a cause'
(Or so the world thinks.)
My existence itself is profane.

You can easily dismiss me
with a languid wave of your hand.
I'll be swatted away like a fly.

But each blow of yours
hammers steel into shape.

One day you wouldn't be able
to wish me away,
not when there are many of me.


  1. Aha... a rebel. You go gal ! Even if there are not many of you a powerful minority is a formidable force.!

  2. Powerful poem. I loved the expression of emotions. Loved reading it!

  3. I love "each blow of yours hammers steel into shape". So true. In the end, it is the rebels and lovely dreamers, not the "popular" kids in high school, who make the most interesting and accomplished people.

  4. I like the idea of each blow hammering steel into shape. Truly, that is an excellent image. Someday you will be appreciated as the person you are....and leave those who shoot 'peas' behind in your shadows!

  5. Somehow I have always found that the so-called popular people were extremely boring. Rebels and the likes if them are much more fascinating.

  6. Oh, i love that ending statement---solid & powerful & confident!

  7. Beautiful write dear...popularity is temporary sooner or later it will pass and when it does so-called popular people will be nothing more than a shadow. I like the idea of each blow hammering steel into shape.

  8. more popular the people,more shallow they seem.those little unnoticed are the ones who come out with flying colors.written with utter excellence.

  9. it is the rebels who bring about changes, for better or for worse. :)
    i too liked the idea of blows hammering steel into shape.

  10. I really enjoyed reading this, so many aspects one can relate to!

  11. After high school, the rebels lead and the sheep follow :)

  12. You line about steel brings up images of the refiner's fire. Brilliant use of language.

  13. I also love the same line ... we can become strong as steel when confronted by the harshness of life ... endurance & survival rather than succumbing ... this is uplifting! :)