Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Pianist and the Ballerina

He tunes his piano
She ties her pointés.

He sits on his stool
She takes center-stage.

He plays the opening note
The spotlight flashes on her.

He can only hear the crowd's loud cheers
She can only see eyes upon her regal body.

He glues his eyes to his sheets
She fixes her mind upon her movements.

His fingers move mechanically along the keys
Her limbs sway to the tune of precise timing.

He has played this score hundreds of times
She has rehearsed her steps to faultless perfection.

He lets his memory guide his fingers
She lets her limbs free to do their own work.

He steals a glance at her
She opens her ears to lilting melody.

Those sheets of music cease to exist;
He's busy composing his heart's birdsong.

She is no longer a puppet in the audience's hands
Her soul leaps joyfully towards new-found release.

She is his music
and he's her dance.


  1. Such an ideal combination to be together.It is a thrill to feel one is wanted. Wonderful write Madhu!


  2. She is his music
    and he's her dance.... this is wonderful when that happens... breaking free and going beyond what we've practiced... that's when real art happens...

  3. I really like the way you set this poem out, with the lines alternating between she and he. The final couplet is the perfect conclusion.

  4. Oh, this is beautiful. I loved the rhythm of this poem & the way you so expertly created these two characters & carried them through. The ending makes my heart feel SO very good! This is life (and poetry) at its best!

  5. I really love the last lines.. I can understand how the audience would be mesmerized with such a connection.

  6. How touching... so tender and sweet.

  7. This is beautiful ... such perfect harmony between music and movement, pianist and ballerina ... a very tender write.

  8. you've beautifully captivated the moment of creation where there's only joy and freedom...a very well written verse Madhumakhi....

  9. wonderful.. the moment when the passion and talent come together.

  10. You painted this picture to perfection. I especially love "she is his music and he's her dance." Wowzers, kiddo!

  11. This is pure class Madhumati. I was left in awe. Beautiful words and like Sherry pointed out, you really nailed it to perfection. Kudos dear!

  12. I love how you build up this poem and end up with a wonderful collaboration between your two characters where it is obvious none has less value than the other. Well-done!

  13. Very nice work here - well envisioned and executed... With Best Wishes Scott

  14. I have always supposed that this was the true duet. I feel the rising passion of each couplet as the poem heads toward its breakpoint.

  15. what a combo...nicely done!

  16. this is not written to the prompt at dverse...
    should you write to the prompt, you can relink
    it is open until tomorrow at midnite.

    1. I'm sorry Brian. i got confused. I linked at the wrong place. I've removed my link now.

  17. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting!

  18. This is gorgeous. I love the interplay of his and her points of view and the finale is perfect. And I, for one, would love to see more of your work. Perhaps you will have time to write to the prompt at dVerse?

  19. I love the different points of view, from him and her ~ Beautifully written specially the ending couplet ~ Thanks for your visits ~

  20. this is beautiful,
    my wife was a ballerina for 18 years, i danced with her for a couple years
    it was so beautiful to watch...and then be a part of....the music and dance make for a nice metaphor as how our individual arts come together to become something greater when we let love enter

  21. Expressions used are bang on!!!!