Wednesday, September 4, 2013

An Open Hand

When what is mine
is clenched in my palm
it slips like sand
between digits.

If i keep
an open hand
the bounty of blessings
that come my
way will fill me up,
tumbling onto other open hands.

My hand will never be empty.


  1. This was so beautiful...and so true. That which we try to hold onto too tight invariably slips away. I loved this!

  2. so true on what we try to hold onto tightest, and what we need to hold so loosely...

  3. Very nice thoughts here. It is always better to keep one's hands (and hert) open rather than closed, in order that blessings may find them.

  4. That's actually quite a new perspective - sharing your happiness and blessings does not leave your empty handed. Well penned. :)

  5. Truly wise words. Makes me think of the quote "a bird in the hand doesnt fly away until you close your fingers around it".