Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Farewell Note

My mistress of yore
I seek you no more.

My love has become
a burden cumbersome.

A crumpling butterfly
it tortures forth to fly,
fleeing from being
contorted into words
by a tired poet trapped
within the sheer drudgery
of being Ego's slave.


  1. a crumpling butterfly...how sad is that...great image to convey the feeling...the contorted into words by a tired poet...ha...ouch on ego's slave....

  2. This is very sad, but I think there is the realization that it is better to leave the relationship than to continue to be 'ego's slave.'

    Nice to see you in the Poetry Pantry again. You were missed.

  3. Sad relationship poem. I hope your real life is happier. Thanks for sharing.

  4. i like the images the poem creates, somewhat sad.. a crumpling butterfly.

  5. Yes, time to write that farewell note! Well done!

  6. One day you will look back and smile at your own creativity even in tough times.

  7. It is good to say goodbye to some things. Nice work!