Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Minds unfettered by
knowledge by knowledge
of letters roamed in realms
beyond the reach of those
who now acquire knowledge
by knowledge of letters.

Those who have
knowledge by knowledge of letters
are fettered by their own
second-hand knowledge
that gathers dust like a family heirloom
thrust upon them by those before them.


  1. Behen, you have come back with a bang and now this simmering gem of wisdom. :)

  2. Interesting! I think first hand knowledge is the best, but if one doesn't have that opportunity second hand knowledge DOES work.

  3. YES! So happy to see you back, kiddo! I love the way the repetition weaves through your lines, it reads with a lovely rhythm.

  4. I like this weaving maze of thought--and your point.

  5. the idea is quite exquisite :) nice :)

  6. To me letters can be either characters or notes exchanged between people so there are a lot of meanings in this clever piece.