Sunday, January 12, 2014

Aurora (alliterative) Australis

In the coldest corners of our world
on the longest darkest winter nights
Celestial flames lick the sky in twirls. 

Fiery red and green dance violent whirls 
against velvet black backdrop unfurled 
by God for this dazzling play of light
in the coldest corners of our world 
on the longest darkest winter nights. 


  1. I like it, really brings life and makes me think of paradise

  2. would be a beautiful thing to see...made me think of the aurora borealis...
    but too that even in the most unfrogiving places there is light and color....

  3. They said that the aurora borealis was to be visible here last week. I wasn't up early enough to see it. Your poem described the way it would appear very well. I hope you had a chance to see 'this dazzling play of light.'

    1. I haven't actually seen an Aurora. I hope i get to see it.

  4. I have always wanted to see Aurora Borealis. Beautiful poem.

  5. That's just lovely, and I'm hopefully going to see the northern lights in March!

  6. oh this is wonderful. I like the repetition very much. We had a chance to see the aurora borealis near Boston one night last week but it was cloudy....

  7. Beautiful - the repeated lines really work in this poem. The sight described must be dazzling.

  8. It must be wonderful to see an aurora borealis! I thought reading your poem that you had seen one.

  9. Lovely, like watching the umbra grow during an eclipse and then the full sun again ...

  10. So lovely a tribute to the amazing lights! I saw the Northern Lights twice. They are truly awe-inspiring!

  11. i love the rhythm of this! the repetition is very effective ~ nice write!