Friday, October 25, 2013


Oh God!
Blessed am i
for you have planted the seed
of my deliverance.

You have been the gossamer spirit
behind every breath of life
that gives a body to my soul.

I'm just a scattered part of your spirit
and my body is a vehicle
that will carry me to you
that will carry you back to yourself.


  1. Short and sweet a prayer this one

  2. To me this seems like a "thanks" to god for granting a new life within. Lovely!

  3. Your last stanza is particularly strong!

  4. I really love the depth of thanksgiving and appreciation to the Higher Power that this was written to. It shows a dedication and a sincerity of spirit that few people can possess anymore. Really enjoyed reading this!

  5. This is beautiful, kiddo. I love the gratitude , and the message in your last stanza.

  6. i like the last stanza...the body being the vehicle to carry you to them and them to to themselves...there is a nice truth in that

  7. nice..i like the idea of the body as vehicle...and what fuels us..ha...see you got me pondering...smiles