Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Thursday Think Tank #59 - Grass

You have the key
to a magical world.
Just go
and find it.

It exists between
each blade of grass:
a perfect microcosm
of a perfect system.

The soil sustains grass-
the grass sustains grazers-
grazers sustain insects and germs;
and they sustain the soil.

Insects and germs:
creatures often despised
by ignorant fools
is why this world is perfect.

All that is
dead and useless
finds its relevance
here; nothing is wasted.


  1. beautiful and striking. lovely work.

  2. When you can go so deep that you understand each blade of gras, each grain of sand, each soul are all vital that connect us to the universal thread, you cannot help but be amazed.
    Love this prose.

  3. You've very cleverly captured the reason of ecology balance sustained by an innocent blade of grass. Wonderful!


    P/S I was in Ahmedabad (pronounced am-de-bad), a long time ago. We went to visit some factories. All I remember now was hot and dry weather. I couldn't recollect the location nor the street though.

  4. Very nice, spiritual, circle-of-life piece.

  5. Peaceful and intuitive! I especially like the last stanza.

  6. It has a lyrical sound; I love the last verse~
    I like the circle of life feel, too~

  7. The science and biology of grass; nicely wrapped in an understandable poem. Very well done.

  8. But I still have to mow the lawn..

  9. you are right. NOTHING is wasted. A whole unseen world exists beneath the grass.

  10. And so it is... great message~