Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A fantasy 
of long lustrous
layered locks is 
what makes me look
longingly at the mirror.
Hair grazing my shoulders,
    brushing against my breasts,
     caressing my hips with its silkiness:
a distant dream. Now it barely scrapes
      my neck, tickles it with coarse choppiness
         and taunts my efforts with stubborn shortness.
       I do all what granny advises: i oil my hair, comb it
    hundred times, scrape my fingernails and massage it 
        lovingly. Yet it remains frustratingly short. I wring my 
       hands at the mirror. When will heads turn as i walk 
      along? And when will men bump into each other 
   at my approach? Mommy may say i am 
  obsessed but is it wrong to desire 
  beauty? We can endlessly
 argue about this.


  1. Looks long and pretty to me...

  2. Actually i wrote this poem from a friend's point of view. Some of my feelings are intermingled in it. She had got a hair cut and now she's cribbing about it. I can empathize with her because i have medium long hair and i want it to grow loooooong.

  3. I used to love my longer hair, but age came into play so now I shave my head. I'm not eating it with my meals now at least. smile...

  4. Long hair can be both a blessing and a curse I think. My mom used to have thick hair down to her waist, but it has gradually shortened with age. I can remember as a child how shiny it used to look after she had finished pampering it, but it used to take forever to wash & dry. Having sisters with equally long hair made for a lot of hairballs all over the place too.

  5. A well written poem. You said in your comment that your hair is medium long. It looks LONG LONG to me and very pretty. I must also throw in the old saying: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

  6. Hair is a thing of beauty but can be a hassel. I have long hair, so I know the extra care. Great poem! Happy you shared it!

  7. I love the shape you put it in!
    My Pantry Poem:

  8. well, short hair can be sexy too.

    i like the shape of the poem ~