Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Thursday Think Tank - #47 Toes

Note- Zari is a type of thread made of fine gold or silver wire used in traditional Indian and Pakistani garments. This thread is woven into fabrics, primarily made of silk to create intricate patterns.

The photograph 
sits on a shelf, 
a silent reminder
of the little girl 
i once was.

The hem of my 
red zari bordered skirt
half conceals and half reveals 
two tapering feet with tiny toes,
encased in silver anklets.

Did my jingling anklets 
ever fill silences?
And when was 
the last time i wore
a zari bordered skirt?

The picture captures
a time bygone-
a femininity now 
transformed over the years 
of confusing childhood.


  1. madhumakhi,

    Oh a sweet image of looking back to the innocence of childhood days. Days which always pass, before we know it!


  2. Madhumakhi, I love the innocence of this piece.


  3. You make me nostalgic, the poem is beautiful just like our ethnic Indian dresses.

  4. Ah one little piece of revisiting the childhood days of innocence and more importantly happiness... I know,we seem to forget the little things that matter...
    Has got a nice feel to it...:)

  5. A lovely poem about the innocence of childhood and precious pieces you remember. The second verse is my favourite - beautiful images strung together in a fashion that makes one want to smile.

  6. I can see the little feet with the anklets jingling. Love the being "transformed over the confusing years of childhood."

  7. You look so beautiful! Your descriptions are so clear, I can see you!

  8. The image you've painted here reminds me of the way my sisters used to dress when they were younger. Some wore saris, others not, but they always looked so pretty.

    Wonderful memories.

  9. love your poetry talent here,

    inviting you to join Poets Rally by submitting a poem, any poem is welcome.

    hope to see you in.
    keep entertaining!
    You Rock!