Monday, January 27, 2014


It is a starving animal.

It's mean angry and scary
when lean with hunger.

Purity of purpose
has sharpened its senses.

No smell or sight or sound
can hijack its attention
away from prey.

Even when hunger
burns out its insides
it's never too weak
for the thrill of a chase.

It needs to strike with ferocious deftness and
inflict pain by ripping tender flesh with dagger claws.

It needs to watch its prey's futile struggle
till it goes slack in its jaws.

More than blood it needs to taste power.


  1. "More than blood it needs to taste power." - Wow, it closes the poem beautifully.

    Just like us, humans.

    Nice writing here, Madhu!

  2. Whew, you really have captured the reality of a predator here, Madhumaki. Part of the cycle of life though, even though sometimes hard to watch.

    (And thanks for your comment over at my blog!)

    1. Predators are definitely an integral part of the ecosystem.
      No plants would have been left on the earth had there not been grazers.
      No grazers would have survived had there not been predators.
      They would have all competed with each other and died out.

  3. 'lean and hungry look' reminds one of Cassius' image of deception and danger - very much the picture of a predator.Truly said Madhu! Great write!


  4. That ending line has a powerful kick ~ And I'm thinking not just animals but us too ~

    Good to see you at D'verse ~

  5. I felt this, indeed, swaying back and forth between being the target and the predator itself. And then the ending is like a brick wall, BAM! No matter how hungry, the power, the power feeds the predator. This poem transforms understanding. Wow.

  6. Excuse the misquote but "I have seen the predator and the predator is us!"

    1. There is the bit of a predator in all of us. It is what helps us survive in a harsh world.

  7. Loved your way of implying the real meaning of Predator. Perfect for the prompt- HUNGER :)

  8. Predators indeed.. Chilling thoughts of what that beast can be.

  9. Very vivid description of what a hungry predator can feel. "More than blood it needs to taste power." - such a good closing line!

  10. I thought the same as Marlon: just like us humans, the thirst for power. This is a great visual of a hungry predator, Makhi. I can see him, hungry and honed, muscles rippling......

  11. Madhumati,

    A superb perspective on hunger and perhaps the worst kind. The hunger for power. You have created a wonderful scenario...

  12. I have known people like that too. A good poem that works on two levels.

  13. You must be referring to the human animal....great piece!!

  14. This leaves one on the edge of his seat. So engaging. Very well written.

  15. Incredible diction. You hone your word choices to precision like few can or do. Keep it up!