Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'll be Back

My Dear Muse, 
 I'm wracked with guilt 
when i say this: 
You are a mistress 
i can ill-afford to indulge, 
a lover so demanding 
that my jealous wife, 
Responsibility, hisses that 
i should repent for 
all the time lost in 
chasing your tantalising hints.
Oh! Don't leave me, my spurned lover!
I'll be back.  


  1. The Muse will wait, kiddo - it has waited for me, sometimes, for years. Good luck with your exams, study hard and let us know how you do, okay?

  2. I feel this way a lot of the time. Hopefully it won't get tired one of these days and leave forever! Great personification.

  3. Sometimes the muse needs to snooze.

  4. The muse can be very demanding....take a break and come then ~

    All the best to your studies ~

  5. Hello.
    Those fickle muses...have a mind of their own.
    I like how you express this.
    Wishing you all the best with your exams.
    Thanks for sharing.

    What Makes A Woman Beautiful

    1. I've just noticed it was your birthday recently too.
      Belated Happy Birthday! Hope you had a fun day.

  6. Important to take time out and when you come back everything will become fresh and new. Good Luck!

  7. That tricky devil, but capture and expell the words for all.

  8. Ha that is with you there sure the poem shows it....