Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'll Emerge Victorious

Oh Death!
When you come
i'll raise my face to you;
i'll not cower like a coward.

You will take delight in
engulfing me into
your deep dark void,
and time will
conspire with you;
she'll fill the vacuum.

Your needle-feathered wings
will puncture my body,
and like a leech
you will suck my soul.

But some of it will escape;
a river of my soul
will flow like
ink onto paper.

And my thoughts will remain
a dark red stain in Memory.

So i'll defy you, Death,
and i'll emerge victorious.


  1. Reminds me of John Donne's poem, "Death, Don't be Proud". Am not very sure about that title. Reading your poem, I got rejuvenated. Like Donne would have said, "death would be no more" and as you say, you'll emerge victorious.

  2. You will indeed emerge victorious! And your words will continue to live on as well. You write your immortality.

  3. This piece is a classic Madhumaki. This is one of those pieces you will look back on thirty or fourty years from now and it will still be a classic. Very well done!

  4. Very energetic, positive and affirming life post... enjoyed it ~

  5. lol!!! strange how our take on death is so different... my recent poem on death shows death's power over me...

    and here you are...mocking death :)

    nice view :)

  6. Love the needle-feathered wings ... and the defiance.

  7. Do not go quietly into that dark night!

    Nice wirk!

  8. Ur catch of the words.. is just tremendous