Thursday, February 24, 2011

Invisible Something

Something is moulding
my words
into twisty little things
as i write.

I don't like
that invisible something
shaping my words
into twistly little things.

I just want
to write
as it comes
to me

But this
invisible something
would just not
let go of me.

So how do i
get rid
of this invisible something
telling me how to write?


  1. Hi Madhumakhi,
    You push your pencil or pen through, let the words flow.
    Well Done~

  2. I enjoyed that. I do some of my best writing in the shower. There's an isolation tank effect in the shower that can free up creativity.

  3. Well. Well identified. Welcome it. That is the original. You, a talented writer is the shadow of it. Often the shadow identifies. That is a good sign. Adore it. It make you the Best Writer. Thanking You with Best Wishes.

  4. Is it the muse or the inner editor? I listen to the first and stifle the second.

  5. @Kim: You've hit the nail on the head.