Sunday, December 12, 2010

Poets United Prompt- Forgiveness

You barged into our lives
and your arrival was a curse
from the most wrathful of gods,

You were
maybe an old witch,
filled with bitterness,
for benevolent people
cast a ray of light
on your bubble of darkness;
and you were blinded.

You came,
with curses in your mouth
and weepy tales of times bygone,
immersed with sadness so constricting
that you failed to see
the sun still rises in the east.

How could we share your sadness?
We don't live in bubbles so small
that we see only the black within:
we live in psychedelic now.
We fear the darkness
and dread the abyss
we'd be dragged in
if we'd sit with you to listen
to those weepy tales of times bygone.

We are cruel in our fear
and we know it.
Can that in you
which remains untouched by evil
forgive us?


  1. i can't blame you. the negativity of a person could easily rub off and it is definitely contagious. it's best to stay away from him. brilliant poem!

    thanks for stopping by at my blog. :)

  2. My pleasure, I enjoy your poetry too. And I can't stay away from 'her' coz she lives with me.

  3. Cruel in our fear; Wow powerful, so much truth in your words~

  4. @ Jingle and Ella: Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. I know too many people like this...wonderful work!

  6. These people are like black holes.. Love the tie dye!

  7. @giovanniucullo and booguloo: thanks for commenting. even i liked the tie and dye.

  8. Negativity..sure is contagious but a strong willed girl like you can handle it..I think!

  9. that's true. i can handle it. thanks for bothering to see my blog, kalpana maami :)

  10. Madhumakhi, how did you even think up this word?Really nice.
    Your poems are very nice reflecting the real You. I too started writing as a school girl.

    Keep it going. All the best.

  11. Looking back through at some of your other poems. I think this is my favorite so far because it is so full of feeling.