Monday, June 7, 2010

What happens when you get a thought?
A thought that comes straight from the heart.

A thought that you want to catch and treasure.
A thought whose profoundity you can't measure.

It's like a bolt out of the blue.
An extraordinary facet of an ordinary you.

It leaves, for a moment, devoid of words
and makes you soar like a flying bird.

It also brings about a range of feelings,
all of which may set your head reeling.

It's something you want to explain.
But how to it isn't plain.

It causes chaos inside your mind, yet you are quiet.
It's the very thought that will make you a poet.

Maybe it's the realisation that saints have aspired for,
for which seekers have travelled wide and far.

But it's beautiful, even if it's a cherished dream.
After all, the human mind doesn't have seams.

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