Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She haunts me in my dreams................

Her eyes may be
turquoise depths of a pond;
as black and angsty as
burnt coals.
But they seem to
conceal within themselves,
something that may never reveal itself,
like an ornamented chest,
that may contain a treasure.
But the key is buried,
in the depths of her psyche,
as impenetrable as
the centre of the earth.

Why does she stand like that?
Leaning against a surface,
neither smiling nor unsmiling,
but the mouth fixed
in a mocking smirk.
She seems to be amused,
as she wordlessly watches
 me struggle with her,
as i decide who she is
and what I want her to be.


  1. wat a poem madhu...........

  2. Beautiful poem. The imagery is gorgeous!

  3. lovely.. here’s mine for this potluck..

  4. treasure hunts can be fun... I couldn't help but smirk as I read this... Lovely!

  5. lovely wonders...
    well put.


  6. Wowww... loved the way you played with your muse, Madhu.. Very creative!! :)
    Muses can be really elusive, don't you think?!?! Just when you are ready to make a butterfly out of them, they become a grotesque creature of the mythical world! (sigh..)