Friday, September 3, 2010

It's a realisation that hits me
As soon as i open my eyes at dawn,
It's people, not the sun i see
And that's when i wish i was born,
In a little isle far away
From the world's prying eyes;
Not where only people stay;
About freedom i can only fantasise.

It is in that little isle i want to stay,
To just eat, sleep, and arise
And observing nature by the day;
About freedom i can only fantasise.

Perhaps it would be a life,
Of not much worth, people would say.
But it would be a life
In which a day is a day.

Not when people try
To look into the murky depths of what's to come
Or look at you with a critical eye
To see what you've done.

Not when people point an accusing finger
At you when you try to spread your wings;
And they'll make you linger
So that you wouldn't achieve anything.

Even your achievements are not yours
When they're just a blueprint of the past;
An achivement is not an achievement i'm sure
When it's attained in haste.

Why be insecure of the world
When i've been blessed with a mind,
Which makes me as free as a bird.
I can also happiness find
Even in conditions most beastial,
When people are stingy and snappy
That's when it is a trial
Of how and why i'll remain happy.

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